Going Paperless in 90 Days

Going Paperless in 90 Days

Organizational leadership has increasingly focused heavily on efficiency: operating lean and asking their employees to maintain continuity with fewer and fewer resources. But cutting budgets only goes so far.

In recent years, managers and workers have refocused on a far more pertinent question: instead of doing the same with less (efficiency), how can we do more with the same (productivity)?

Paper is a serious drag on both efficiency and productivity. A worldwide survey conducted by industry analyst IDC shows that document management challenges account for a 21% loss of organizational productivity. Not that you need numbers to convince you. You see it and feel it every day.

Email, accounting software, ERPs, digital publishing and a hundred other technologies promise to eliminate paper and usher in a golden age of digital perfection. But creating a paperless office eludes many of us…

What is the best way to move toward a paperless environment without losing information? And how can you do it quickly? Download now to find out more.

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