Can ZTNA replace your VPN?

Can ZTNA replace your VPN?

Seamless remote access enables companies to boost employee productivity while reducing the time and effort required to connect and secure distributed workforces. Still, finding the right method of implementing comprehensive network security remains a challenge for many organizations.

As remote access needs grow, organizations need a solution that can outperform traditional VPN implementations. Zero Trust Network Access, or ZTNA, circumvents some of the issues created by VPNs by establishing boundaries around specific applications and private IPs or hostnames, and verifying access requests based on multiple contextual factors.

While the promises of Zero Trust can feel empty to IT security leaders during the transition to VPN-less remote access, it is possible to begin implementing ZTNA — without making trade-offs in protocol support or convenience.

Download this white paper to learn:

  • Why VPNs fall short of delivering secure remote access
  • The benefits and limitations of different ZTNA approaches
  • How Cloudflare delivers Zero Trust security for remote workforces everywhere

Download Can ZTNA replace your VPN? Whitepaper


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